What We Do

The game of baseball is in a state of flux. There is a trend today – an infatuation with statistical analytics, coupled with an insatiable search for “new” or “improved” training techniques. Together these are supplanting time-tested training methods which have been established and practiced over the sport’s near 200-year history.

Absolute Balance’s mission is to educate and train today’s coaches, from youth to high school and beyond, expanding upon the core physical and mental approaches that have been the foundation of baseball from its very beginnings. Grounded in laws of physics, geometry and biomechanical principles, Absolute Balance’s concepts and training methods seek to ensure the optimal and safe development of young players.

Through its groundbreaking, comprehensive coaching seminars, Absolute Balance trains amateur baseball coaches in sound methods and techniques, supported by scientific research.

Absolute Balance offers the following services:
• Training
• Analysis
• Education
• Research
• Consultation